Monday, July 4, 2011

Ten Questions to Ask My Blog

At the beginning of 2011, Edublog posted a 30 day challenge for blogging.  Either due to my procrastination, my family situation, or my juggling of my schooling, work, and kids, I did not begin this process at that point.  However, since attending ISTE in June, my interest has been peaked and I am going to make an honest effort at this blogging thing. .

In any case, the challenge had certain "assignments", and one of them was to create a blog post on the topic of Take on the role of reporter and ask your blog ten questions, documenting the responses from your blog.  

So, here is my response to that challenge:  


Reporter:  So- here we are on the 15th anniversary of the creation of All Things Reconsidered. In honor of the anniversary of its creation ATR has agreed to answer a few of our questions.  Good afternoon, All Things Reconsidered, how are you today?  Its great to finally meet you in person after all these years.  

ATR-  Great to meet you too.  But no need for the formalities, you can call me Rec.  No one has called me by my full name since 2016!

Reporter-  Then Rec. it is....So, Rec, what can you tell me about your long illustrious career? 

Rec-  Wow! What a big question.  Well, it just seems like yesterday when I began. The truth is, although I was not created until the summer of 2011, the idea was sparked with Jason Seiden's post about the stages of social networking.  Jodi (the blogger) told me that at that point she couldn't even imagine herself as doing more then lurking, but little by little she found herself wanted to add to the discussion.  

 Reporter:  Interesting.  But one thing doesn't make sense.  That post about the seven stages came out in 2007, you were not created until 2011.  What was the impetus for starting at that point?  

Rec: I would have to say it was ISTE 2011.  It was Jodi's second trip to ISTE, but the first one was kind of a blur.  The conference itself is very overwhelming, and after the 2011 conference Jodi found her head swimming with ideas.  Blogging seemed to be a good way to flush out some ideas and think things through, so she thought she'd give it a shot. 

Reporter:  Well, that makes sense.  So, what do you see as your biggest accomplishments? 

Rec:  Another great question!  It's interesting because at the beginning, the blog was just a sounding post.  It was a way for Jodi to process her thoughts and reflect on her beliefs.  But the most interesting thing happened, When others began to contribute by commenting, she really started to feel like the conversation opened up her eyes.  She found that the differing opinions made her see things from a different point of view.  

Reporter:  Just like your name, huh?  All things REconsidered? 

Rec: Exactly, I think that's the biggest point.  It's like the old story goes, the more you learn the more you find you don't know.  I think the title of the blog points out that upon open your eyes to other points of view or opinions, you are likely going to have to reconsider your own understanding and opinions.  

Reporter:  Oh, I wonder if you might help others to reconsider things too.  

Rec:  Exactly!  Part of the idea of moving from the "noob" stages to the "user" stages.  Kinda cool to be part of the vehicle. It took me a long time to get to that point, and I'm not even sure I'm there yet, but really it's the journey that matters. 

Reporter: True, so true....well, I'm embarrassed to say this but I seem to have left the rest of my questions at home.  I wonder if some of our readers might have some other questions to fill out the rest of the ten. 

Rec:  Awesome idea, I'd be happy to answer them.  However, one request....what I'd really love is to hear from other blogs/bloggers who have had something to share about their blogging experiences. I've created an AnswerGarden, and I'd love to get feedback.   Do you think that's possible? 

Reporter:  Perfect! Well folks you've heard it here. If you have any questions for Rec  feel free to comment here!  Otherwise, share your experiences in the following AnswerGarden

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